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Keith Diaper

Endurance and Multi Sports Athlete. Fundraiser

I came to sport later in life but I have been making up for lost time. I’ve completed solo cycle rides including a 1100+ mile solo cycle event. I have run marathons, ultra marathons on road and trail. I’ve also swam a marathon swim, but my real passion is triathlon. I have completed many triathlon distances over the years, including an Ironman and 52 x 70.3 triathlons in just 26 weekends.


Through my challenges I have been in the lucky position to help out some small charities over the years. I have worked to raise funds for special needs school and groups. I still help out as a volunteer at one of the groups; but over the past few years the fundraising and work to bring awareness to a cause/ charity has come closer to home. My wife has been diagnosed with Ehler Danlos Syndrome. Dealing with the news could have been much harder if it wasn’t for the support from the Hypermobility Syndromes Association, so moving forward we want to help them raise awareness and funds.


Over the years our daughter, Isabella has been there supporting me every step of the way. She has always told me she was going to be like me one day. I’m very proud that she is joining forces with me to help raise awareness of Pippa’s condition and the charities work.