The 3Sixty endurance challenge is simple, it’s three separate challenges in 2019 to be completed in 60 hours (in total). Because of my background in triathlon the three challenges will involve a swim, a cycle and a run. The aim will be to travel more than 360 miles across those disciplines in the 60 hour total time limit. This is not a triathlon event, so with that in mind this is how the events will look.

Event One:  SWIM (Easter 2019) Completed 28,160 metres

This will be a 12 hour pool swim, where I will aim to swim 24 km (14.91 miles)

Event Two:  RUN (June 2019) Completed 60 Miles

This will be at an event called Endure 24, where I will aim to cover 20 laps of the 5 mile course in 24 hours (100 miles)

Event Three:  CYCLE (September 2019) Completed 214.10 miles

This will be at an event called Revolve 24, where I will attempt to cycle 102 laps of Brands Hatch motor circuit in 24 hrs (250.29 miles)


Event 1

14.91 miles (Actual 17.49 miles)

12 hours

Event 2

100 miles (Actual 60 miles)

24 hours

Event 3

250.29+ miles (Actual 214.10 miles)

24 hours


365.2 miles (Actual 291.59 miles)

60 hours

Part One : 12 hour Swim

Easter Sunday I took on the first part of my 3Sixty challenge the 12 hour swim.

This was a pool based swim at David Lloyd Southampton West End health club. I was aiming for 25 km over the 12 hours but in the end manged to swim 28,160 metres (17.49 miles). This saw me swim 1280 lengths of the 22 metre pool, doing 14357 strokes and burning over 7500 calories.

Part 2: Endure 24

Endure 24 is a lapped race around a 5 mile off road trail.  Things were going well until i got to mile 13 when i slipped coming down a muddy descent and twisted my knee. I finished the lap and had my knee taped up so I could keep going. The pain in my knee increased as I progressed slowly through the race. This injury had a major knock on effect to the race and I only completed 60 of the 100 target miles. 

Part 3: Revolve 24

Revolve 24 is a 24 hr event which takes place on the Grand Prix circuit at Brands Hatch. I managed to complete 88 laps which is 214.10 miles. This means I climbed 18766.4 feet in elevation which is almost the height of Mount Kilimanjaro. This was short of my original target but the climbs were brutal on my body. 

Challenge Thoughts

I might of come up slightly short of my target mileage for this challenge but I definitely pushed new limits and learned from all three parts of the challenge. Even with the pain of injury and hills or relentless lengths in the pool, I did enjoy this challenge. It has helped raise my fitness levels for my 2020 challenge.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported and donated throughout this challenge and Isabella’s challenges, we really appreciate it.

Thank You