It has taken me years to realise that I am actually an athlete, so when I get recognition for my achievements it really does mean the world to me. Everything I have done in the past has been to personally push myself and help raise funds and awareness for some amazing charities, it’s never been about recognition or award.

We have always been fans of the Ramsays in our house, so to get acknowledgement from Gordon, himself was just amazing. It all started from a tweet I sent him, asking if it would be possible to retweet about my Ironcause Middle 52 challenge, the idea was to raise more awareness for the charity. I know he is a busy guy so didn’t expect a reply, but thought it was worth a go as Gordon is a keen triathlete. What followed was just incredible, instead of just re-tweeting my message he had written a personal message too. This included an offer to buy me and my family dinner (Tweet in Photos).


We took him up on his very kind offer and were treated to an amazing evening at his Maze Grill Restaurant in Mayfair. The staff treated us like VIP’s and the food was outstanding. As if being treated to dinner wasn’t enough, we were given a copy one of Gordon books signed by the head chef.


Myself and Pippa had an amazing evening and cannot thank Gordon and his team enough.

Life was just getting back to normality after the Ironcause Middle 52 challenge, when I received an invitation to the awards ceremony. I had not only been nominated but shortlisted for the Outstanding Personal Achievement award. During the weeks leading up to the ceremony it had become clear that I had more than just a few nominations, it seemed everyone I met had nominated me. I was already honoured to be nominated but having so many people take time out of their day to nominate me, it made it that much more special.


The night was soon arrived and I spent the entire evening in disbelief that I was even there. I just felt privileged to be in a room full of amazing athletes. My award was one of the last to be announced, they played a short video of the each of the shortlisted athletes in my category. I was convinced that one of the other amazing people in my category would win, so was really shocked when they called out my name. Once I returned to my table, I couldn’t even take a photo as I was shaking with the shock.


I would like to thank everyone who nominated me, Eastleigh Sports Awards and the award sponsor ‘Places for People’.

Within a week of receiving my award from Eastleigh Sports Awards I had another invitation drop on my doorstep. I’d been shortlisted for the same category, but this time at the Energise Me Awards. Which were to be held at Southampton Football club.


The evening soon came round and again I was surrounded by amazing athletes, especially the other two people in my category. Unlike the last awards there was no video footage but we had to all go up onto the stage and explain what had achieved. After a short while they announced that Jon Flynn was the winner of the award for running 2017 miles in 2017, which saw him running everyday of the year. He raised funds for a couple of charities but more importantly inspired many of the children at the school he works at, get into sport. I am more than happy to be a runner up on this occasion alongside the other amazing athlete, Shadi Ganjavian-Conner.


At award ceremonies they have very inspirational speakers and at this one I was not only lucky enough to hear from but to personally meet Victoria Gosling OBE and Dave Henson MBE. Both were really friendly and incredibly inspirational.


I would like to thank everyone who nominated me for the award and for Energise Me for shortlisting me.