Check out my new stripes


“When you hear the sound of hooves, think horses, not zebras.”  This is a phrase taught to medical students to assume that the simple explanation is usually correct.  I am a zebra, I have a complicated and rare condition. You will find that people with EDS love their zebras.


Life as a zebra can be very up and down; literally – I fall over a hell of a lot!!!


In all seriousness, EDS has changed the way I look at life, for many a diagnosis of EDS is a life sentence, but I have seen it as something to fight.  My blog will be about how I fight it on a daily basis, it will be an insight into the battles I face as well as the funny sides of this condition.


I was finally diagnosed in 2013 with EDS, I had been dislocating my knee since I was 10 years old and became very good at just popping it back in.  My consultant way back then had said I was very hypermobile but the focus was on my knee and not me as a person. After having my daughter I fell sick and spent a week in hospital with Dr’s unable to piece together what was going on, my body just seemed broken.  Almost a year of tests and being sent from specialist to specialist I was finally diagnosed and suddenly everything made sense – it turns out not everyone is in pain on a daily basis!! Haha would have known.


Since then I have been on a massive learning curve and continue to learn something from my body everyday.