For the past eleven years, I have been tackling increasing bigger and harder physical challenges, testing just how far I can push my body. But, for about three years now I have been having an internal battle, trying to deal with the fact that I can’t continue doing these size challenges forever. I‘ve kept saying ‘this challenge is my last’ at the end of each one since 2017, yet knowing deep down I need to go again; it’s like some kind of addiction. They should do therapy sessions for endurance event addicts! Saying that I’m finally getting my head in the right place to back off and be like normal sports addict and just compete in half marathons or Olympic distance triathlons etc. More importantly, be there to cheer on my girl as she smashes all my achievements (probably before she’s even 21!).


So I’m finally feeling ready to back off, I just need one last challenge based on my favourite achievement to culminate all the madness. In 2015 I learnt to push my boundaries, limits and my mental toughness to complete Ironman UK. Since that day I have had some amazing experiences, but that race distance will always be my favourite. Now you know doing another Ironman isn’t going to be enough to end on, so I have come up with an amazing challenge that will really test me one final time.


Starting 4th April 2020 I will complete a 140.6-mile triathlon (Iron Distance) every day for ten consecutive days. That’s a 2.4 mile (3.86 km) swim, 112 mile (180.25 km) cycle ride then a marathon 26.2 mile (42.20 km) each day. This will see me cover 1460 miles in just 10 days. 


These events are called Deca Triathlons and can be entered at selected locations worldwide, but I wanted to add my twist to the event and really push my mental toughness to the very edge. So with that in mind, I am very proud to announce that David Lloyd Health Club have agreed to support me and are letting me carry out all 10 triathlons at their facility in West End, Southampton I will swim in the 22-metre pool, then jump on a Wattbike before running each marathon on a treadmill. This should really add to the metal endurance side to these events. Now, there are good and bad points about doing all ten events in a gym environment. 


Yes, the pool will be warmer than an open water swim, but swimming 176 lengths to start each day will push the mind! 


Yes, I won’t have to cycle in the wind or up any inclines, but I will need to pedal all 112 miles, instead of freewheeling down the hills and I will have the same view to stare at the whole time!


Okay so I won’t get my trainers dirty on the run, but I will have to run all 26.2 miles on what most runners fondly call a ‘DREADMILL’!


So that’s it; my Definitive Deca Triathlon, a true all-round limit-pushing challenge. 


As with all my recent challenges I will be helping to raise awareness and funds for the amazing work that the Hypermobility Syndromes Association does researching and educating, not forgetting all the support it gives individuals like Pippa who have various hypermobile conditions. If you would like to help them too click the link below.


For my long suffering wife, daughter, family and friends, this is the last silly challenge. You can print this off and use it against me if needed.