Isabella Diaper

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be like my Daddy, and take part in triathlons and other events. I have taken part in a few mini Great South runs in the past, but this year I turned eight; so I was able to enter my first multi sport events. I have joined Portsmouth Triathletes and took part in my first duathlon in March. Since then I have entered more events which you can see below.

Mummy has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, this means her joints dislocate and she is in lots of pain everyday. She has to use her crutches or wheelchair to get about and has a special electric bed. Mummy will never get better, so I wanted to help my Daddy and the HMSA (Hypermobility Syndromes Association) to raise money and help people understand why Mummy and others like her struggle, even if they look well. You can donate to our page, by clicking below.


I have completed lots challenges already, but we will add new ones to this page as I sign up for them. You can see how I’m doing on my daddy’s social media pages.


Completed Challenges

Challenging Events Kids Race at Broadlands

This was my first running race without Daddy running along side me. I was really windy but I had great fun. Thank you to Kelly and the team at Challenging Events for arranging this race.

Swim The Distance 2.5 km (January)

I am really happy with myself swimming this far in January. I had to work hard as my asthma stopped me from doing a few swims. Love my new medal from

Swim The Distance 2.5 km (February)

I have completed my 2.5 km swim again this month, which I really enjoyed. I have previously completed this distance and liked pushing myself.

Goodwood Duathlon 2019

This was my first multi sports event, I had to run 400 m, cycle 1.5 km then run 200 m. I had a great time and have an amazing medal. There were so many great pictures taken (many by Charles Whitton Photography/ Portsmouth Triathletes)

Fareham Triathlon

This was a Triathlon England covered event and I was in the Tristar Start (age 8) category. This category means the race distance was a 50 m Pool swim then a cycle of 800 m, I was then supposed to run 450 metres but there was an issue with the course and I ended up running closer to 800 m. I had great fun and finished in just over 12 minutes. (

Fareham Tri 2019 #1

Chichester Junior Triathlon

This will be another Triathlon England covered event and I will again be in the Tristar Start (age 8)category. This category means the race distance is a swim 50 m (Pool) or 50 m - 100 m (Open water), Cycle 800 m (on Grass) or 1.5 km (on Tarmac) then Run 600 m

Thank You

Thank You

Daddy and I hit or target for 2019 thanks to everyone who kindly donated and supported us.