This was the trek that changed into a triathlon!

I good friend of mine contacted me asking if I would join her in doing a trek to raise funds for a special needs charity her sister runs in Dunstable. I agreed and suggested we could go from the Multi Sports club I now volunteer at for individuals with special needs to FUN, her sisters charity. The trek would be 99 miles and the plan was to cover the mileage over two days. A few months into training I had a phone call from Katie telling me she had hurt her foot and the doctor had said she wasn’t to walk 99 miles in two days. We had to think fast and find a way to take the pressure off her foot.


We decided to do a triathlon, the swim would be 2000 metres in a pool followed by a 79 miles cycle and then cover the last 20 miles on foot. The plan was to do this in one day. Training was fun until it came to the cycle training, which was a love/ hate relationship. I loved it and Katie hated it! I was very proud of her though and the way she overcame her dislike for cycling and pushed through.


The event started in the pool that the Multi Sports Club uses for their sessions. We made good time and before long was out on the bikes. The bike ride was hard in places, especially that we ended up going across fields due to a few mapping issues. There was one busy A road which wasn’t fun for me, let alone for Katie who hadn’t been cycling that long. We managed to get through the cycle and started the run section. It soon got dark and we found ourselves on some very lonely country lanes. We had a quick change of route to put us on some safer roads and headed towards FUN’s headquarters. Even though it was later than we had planned to arrive there was still a big welcoming party. I was so proud of Katie, this type of event was outside of her comfort zone and she pushed through. However it was the bikes last outing as she sold it within the following weeks!


As for me I was hooked on triathlon and over the following weeks had announced my intention to do the Ironman UK race in 2015.