Multi Sports Club


I have been a volunteer for the Multi Sports club based in Southampton since 2013. The club is for young people aged 16 and over, who have learning and/or physical disabilities. They supply a wide variety of sessions and sports for the members to enjoy. Over the years I have assisted with basketball, rugby, golf, tennis, skiing and much more.



The members are amazing individuals who overcome obstacles on a daily basis,without complaining. They are a massive source of inspiration and helping them to reach their goals is an amazing feeling. My wife worked in schools for pupils with learning and/or physical disabilities and that’s how I was introduced to these amazing individuals. 



I have taken part in several challenges to raise funds for the club, including a 99 mile triathlon and the 2015 UK Ironman. The club is always very grateful for support whether it be giving up your time to volunteer or make a donation.


Registered charity 1109962.