Partner/ Sponsorship and Ambassador

I’ve been very privileged over the years to have been supported and sponsored for many of my challenges. The wealth of companies helping me push boundaries  have ranged from personal trainers to sports nutrition suppliers. and many more.

I will always be very grateful at the part they played in me completing my challenges.


Sports Studies (Southampton Solent University)

During my Middle 52 and 3Sixty Endurance challenges I teamed up with Southampton Solent University Applied Sports Science department. I worked closely with students, who monitored me physically and mentally throughout the challenge. I had regular testing via the Bod Pod and Vo2 max sessions, both on the bike and treadmill. I also took part in sports psychology assessments and personal training session all tailored for my challenge. Data was gathered throughout the 52 events to give students and future students real life information to work with. This data included Power, cadence, speed, heart rate etc.

Working with students and staff at Solent University was an amazing experience. Together we overcame physical and mental challenges that cannot be found in textbooks.