Behind the Design

Zebra Print:

The zebra print is from a medical teaching that most people with EDS and other rare conditions have adopted. The following extract from Pippa’s Blog post will help shed some light on this. 

“When you hear the sound of hooves, think horses, not zebras.”  This is a phrase taught to medical students to assume that the simple explanation is usually correct.  I am a zebra, I have a complicated and rare condition. You will find that people with EDS love their zebras

The colour in the zebra print seems to be becoming more popular over the last few years, we take this to symbolise that people suffering with these conditions can still lead bright and colourful lives. However the HMSA multicoloured logo reflects the fact that hypermobility is not a black and white EDS/HSD issue. There are other conditions involving hypermobility including Marfansyndrome, Osteogenesismperfecta and Stickler Syndrome, which are often erased in wider hypermobility discussion.  This is why we use the hashtag ‘Show Your Stripes’. 


Logo Colours:

My logo (KD) colour has no real meaning, however Isabella’s (ID) is very special. The main green section is her favorite colour, but you may have noticed another colour attached to the side of her logo. This is to symbolise the fact she was due to be one half of a twin, unfortunately we lost her sister during pregnancy. This is known as vanishing twin syndrome, something which we have never hidden from Isabella. In fact Isabella’s middle name would have been the name of her sister (Jasmine). Isabella always wants to live life to the full for her and her sister, hence why we added this part of her to the logo.