Welcome to my new website.

All of my past websites have been to promote an event for a chosen charity, but this site has been built to consolidate all my past challenges with any new ones. There are also two blog sections for you to keep up with. One following my challenges and another following my wife, Pippa’s dealings living with Ehler Danlos Syndrome. We will as always still be supporting the Hypermobility Syndromes Association to help raise awareness with all our events.

I have been encouraged by the amount of people who say they have been inspired but last years challenge, so with that in mind I will be offering talks for groups. The talks will be tailored to suit the audience requirements. The aim is to inspire anyone from school children to people looking to challenge themselves later in life. Talks can cover motivation, endurance, mental toughness and my experiences. You can register interest via the opportunities page.

It wouldn’t be any website launch without a new challenge announcement, so here it comes!


The 3Sixty challenge:

The 3Sixty endurance challenge is simple, it’s three separate challenges in 2019 to be completed in 60 hours (in total). Because of my background in triathlon the three challenges will involve a swim, a cycle and a run. The aim will be to travel more than 360 miles across those disciplines in the 60 hour total time limit. This is not a triathlon event, so with that in mind this is how the events will look.

Event One:  SWIM (Easter 2019)

This will be a 12 hour pool swim, where I will aim to swim 24 km (14.91 miles)

Event Two:  RUN (June 2019)

This will be at an event called Endure 24*, where I will aim to cover 20 laps of the 5 mile course in 24 hours (100 miles)

Event Three:  CYCLE (September 2019)

This will be at an event called Revolve 24*, where I will attempt to cycle 102 laps of Brands Hatch motor circuit in 24 hrs (250.29 miles)

*Subject to event entry


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